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Willard J. Hines (b.1943-2020) pianist, teacher, composer, vocal coach, mentor, leader, activist and father figure to countless students, a native of Paducah, KY was known affectionately as the Black Mozart of his time while studying at Kentucky State University. In 1966, he ventured to Detroit, MI. His journey soon began at Butzel Jr. High School and then transitioned to the Martin Luther King, Jr. High School. While teaching in Detroit Public Schools, he began building his network by working with local and professional recording groups such as “The Dramatics”, “The Jones Girls”, “The Quickest Way Out”, “The Enchantments”. He soon formed his own group The Willard Hines Ensemble and performed at the famed Apollo theatre. He returned to teaching at Courville Elementary School and during his tenure he made such an impression on young singers that he noticed his students stayed musically connected with him after they matriculated. Thus, the Courville Concert Choir was formed with singers of all ages and has been a Detroit educational institution ever since. Courville Concert Choir has toured the U.S. and performed on a professional level in great concert halls, stages with legends such as gospel singer Oleta Adams, singer Donny Osmond, Melba Moore, Stephanie Mills, country singer Lorrie Morgan and many more. He spent over 24 years at Courville instilling in his students that they are the leaders of tomorrow and they can make a world of difference!

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